Three Women Who Inspire Me

International Women’s Day is here again. This is an opportunity to raise awareness of  parity for women through whichever method you please. I personally like to spotlight women led initiatives or businesses, such as Trowleblazers or as last year, with my friends over at BuBakes. This year I have chosen to donate to Tostan, an organisation that provides communities with a human rights centred eduction scheme to facilitate the denouncing of FGM, child marriage and provides leadership roles for women within said communities.

On top of this I thought that I would also share the three women who day to day inspire me most. No, I’m not being ironic and yes I realise that two of them are fictional. My female friends and family of course inspire me regularly in a multitude of different ways, often without even realising, but these three are the triumvirate that formed in my psyche from an early age and continue to guide me through choppy seas.


1. Dolly Parton


Unsurprising to any long time readers this one, but Dolly still inspires me to dress up and never shut up daily. Her boundless sass, longevity and above all refusal to cowtow to anyone’s opinion of her makes Dolly my guardian angel of attitude. Rhinestone encrusted  hand on heart, my personal motto is ‘What would Dolly Do?’ (WWDD for short).

2. Moritcia Addams

Anjelica Huston  Directed by Barry Sonnenfeld

Cool, calm and collected in any and all situations. Moritcia never changes and she is loved by her family the more so because of it. She is my queen of imperviousness, as well as style.

3. Kath Day Knight

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The polar opposite of dear Moritica you might think, but in reality, like ‘Tish, Kath is true to herself and her style to her huffypuffy hardened core. She’s an independent woman, who single handedly raised her daughter, built a life and then on her own terms invited someone to share it – her beloved Ken Doll. Boundless enthusiasm, motivation and cheeriness makes Kath Day Knight my guiding light for living life on your own terms and smiling while you do it.