The Weekly Index: 23rd September 2016


So what crunchy morsels has the stir-fry of internet served up this week? No I have no idea what that metaphor was about either. Maybe I am hungry.


♦ 11 hi-larious cinema signs from London.

♦ Calling all Roald Dahl fans, you can now go and have dinner with the Twits!

Women of Steel – the fight to celebrate great women on Britain’s streets.

♦ Oooh a pretty cool interactive experience from Historic Royal Palaces you say?

Vintage rides and drive-thru trees.

Was Mary Todd Lincoln driven ‘mad’ by vitamin deficiency?

♦ Jerusalem, Desire and Death. A review of the MET’s latest exhibition.

♦ The Boss man himself lists his 20 favourite books.

♦ Why you should make lists of all the things you have done, not just those your haven’t.

♦ DNA reveals that Aboriginal Australians are the world’s oldest civilisation.

♦ And finally… I need this Addams Family colouring book in my life.


Have a great weekend y’all.