The Weekly Index: 23rd October 2015

23rd October 2015

I got my hair dids! The pink (always a transitional phase) has been removed in favour of a white blonde streak, rather more Sweeny Todd than Daphne Guinness it has to be said, but in the words of Gomez Addams, ‘either way, what bliss’. Other non-follicle related news this week has looked like this:

♦ I very much like this map of key East End sites in Suffragette history.

♦ As someone who has been knee deep in securing funding for PhD research for the past year – this is a great resource of fellowship projects offering funding in independent biology research. Very good work Sir.

♦ How very rude! The story of how Nazis burnt a cigar hole in a portrait of poor old Sir Jesse Booth in mockery of Churchill.

♦ Halloween season has archaeologists biting their knuckles in frustration as sensationalised accounts of zombie burials roam the headlines. Here‘s a wee write up of all those Supernatural Skeleton stories.

♦ I love these pictures of Marilyn Monroe and Arthur Miller on the day they married.

♦ I’m sorry to say that I had never heard of Jacky Sutton before her apparent suicide in a Turkish airport was reported in the press this week. The one thing that I took away from this article, beyond the obvious sadness of her death, was her frankly extraordinary life. What a remarkable woman.

♦ I loved reading about the tangled lives of the Pre Raphaelites as a teenager. I took a dislike to Jane Morris because Rossetti’s obsession with her made Lizzie Siddal so sad. Now I see it was hardly her fault, and this article is a very interesting read.

♦ Because you can never have too many pictures of Kate Bush in the world – some new and previously unseen gems have emerged this week.

♦ Dark tourism – fancy visiting an empire of death on your holibobs?

50 popular sayings explained -and no, they didn’t all come from Shakespeare.

♦ And finally, the 10 best coffee shops in London. Although the actual best coffee shop in London is the Electric Coffee Co. which I will never not stop in every time I pass, even if that may be three times in a day, which has happened more than once.