The Weekly Index: 14th October 2016


I like this image. It feels rather representative of this week, lots of things moving and changing. New opportunities and projects in the autumn air and a new landing pad on the horizon. That being said, I have still found the time to flit about in internet-land and here are some interesting reads that I have spied on my travels.

♦ These locked room mysteries crop up every so often on the internet and I am unfailing drawn to them every damn time. This one even has an obligatory creepy doll!

♦ A six day walk through the Alps inspired by Simone de Beauvoir.

What happens when you actually call a London phonebox

♦ I am not entirely sure what an Autumn face mask is – is it made from crushed acorns and pumpkin spice? Anyway – here are some things to help your skin as it turns cold.

♦ Film Noir favourite, amnesia makes a cinematic come back.

♦ Don’t panic! You can track Marmite stocks with this live map.

♦ I sent my friend Charlotte a picture of my Starbucks cup yesterday with the caption, ‘guess what’s in here?’ Thinking she would sweetly respond with, ‘White Chocolate Mocca?’ which is our drink (some couples have songs, I have coffee variations with my nearest and dearest) instead the sarky cow replied, ‘Lipstick?’ Fair enough, my lipstick was smeared all over the sippy lid, but still…stone cold. If I had done this, I wouldn’t have had to put up with her cruel jibes.

♦ How will scrapping so called ‘soft-subjects’ affect British education?

♦ Ever wanted to see inside a quaint Parisian fencing club? No? Well nevermind.

♦ Urgh. The beauty of Carroll Borland as Dracula’s daughter.

♦ My PhD research (snarf, still sounds weird) is all about colour, so things like early illustrations for Goethe’s Theory of Colours interests me greatly. Apologies if it doesn’t you.

Where to drink coffees from around the world in London. Why? See aforementioned PhD research comment.

These images of old London at night are just luscious.

9 bits of the London Underground map that are a complete lie.

♦ And finally… makes you proud to be British. A man spends 11 hours making a cup of tea with a Wi-Fi kettle and Twitter is gripped every step of the way.