The Weekly Index: 10th April 2015

10th April

Apart from being very sunny, what else has been happening this week?


♦ Magical wood and paper birds by artist Zack Mclaughlin

♦ One for pub quizzers out there, 11 historical concepts explained in minutes.

♦ Massive discovery of hundreds of mummies and grave goods in Peru.

♦ Dates have been established for Altamura Man, the skeleton in the rock.

♦ Some interesting research in to Victorian attitudes towards homosexuality, some of which may surprise you.

♦ Complete bastards demolish a Kilburn pub which is about to be listed, without the landlady’s knowledge or council permission. The rage.

Strong is the new pretty.

♦ Meet the real A League of Their Own players. Go Peaches!

♦ A glimmer of changing light in the ivory trade.

♦ New research discovers that Anne Frank may have died earlier than previously thought.

♦ Why are more women and girls from Canada’s aboriginal population going missing than any other group in society?

♦ Genius! Shelter puts dogs in a photobooth to encourage adoption and the results are phenomenal.