The Betty Rubble Blue Blouse

I have found myself doing two very uncharacteristic, dare I say it, odd things in the last week. Number one – craving summer in a fairly major way. Any long time readers of this here blog will appreciate how utterly unlike me this is. I enjoy all things involving woolly socks, dark evenings and stew. I definitely do not enjoy my mascara dripping from my face by midday or the potential horror of having to lob an errant Frisbee back to a group of park dwellers as I scuttle between Starbucks and a nice cool museum. But! For some reason, perhaps because I had such a cracking summer last year and thoroughly intend to again, I am mega in the mood for afterhours drinks in beer gardens and long lazy weekends in the city.

The second weird thing I have found myself doing this week is lusting after and then actually purchasing an item of clothing I saw someone wearing on Instagram. The person in question was the very talented and always chic Sam Chapman of Pixiwoo fame, so I guess it’s not that surprising. Sam always looks like she is decked out head to toe in YSL so when I discovered that this blouse was Topshop I was all over it like a stylish if slightly creepy rash.


I love this shade of blue. I suppose it is cornflower technically but I always refer to it as Betty Rubble blue, and as demonstrated by the diminutive Stone Age sass pot, it’s a colour that looks great with dark brunette or black hair. So off I trotted, armed with a trusty gift card from Christmas (thanks Fiona) and after a few dead ends, picked up the item in question in Westfield. I wore it today with these Collectif trousers (which are now on facking sale! Typical) and felt like Faye Dunaway in Network, so mission accomplished really.
I heartily recommend you all go and buy one of these because A. it will work well as a ‘hey it’s spring, I better break up all of these winter florals and black jumpers with something perky just to show willing’ in the coming weeks. And B, a woman came up to me in Paperchase today and said that I looked nice, so there you go. Cancel Fashion Week! The voice of the people has spoken and she had excellent lipstick on.

If you do act on my faultless logic and purchase this, a word to the wise; there is a deceptively large amount of fabric knocking about in this number, so go for a smaller size than you anticipate. I got a size 6, which in Topshop-world is like a 2 or something because everything is very oddly sized in that place. I have no idea who decides the dimensions of Topshop clothes but I can only assume it is a little elf who is kept in a workshop/cave and has only ever seen one woman in their entire life to use as reference and she had breasts the size of Lola Ferraris and legs like Sponge Bob. I tried on this very nice dress at the same time as the Betty Rubble blouse and I honestly could have stashed a baby kangaroo down the front.