Organise to Optimise


 I bore myself saying it so I certainly must be boring you by now but I am busy. Buuuuusssy. Did I tell you I was busy? How am I? I’m busy. I don’t have much time for many of life’s luxuries like washing or sleeping right now but through the wonders of modern technology I allowed myself an indulgent five minutes to read this new post by Gala Darling today. Cyber-blogging-lifestye-lusting-consumerism or whatever the proper term is, is alive and well in me it seems as within about seven minutes I had bought myself a new Filofax. Well what’s the point in working all hours if you can’t spend your hard earned cash on something nice that you really want? I mean I really did want it. For like a whole two minutes before I bought it. It’s agony wanting something for so long I tell you.

Pretty aint she? And in my favourite midnight/royal blue hue. Aaaaaand I found it for 50% off here…Click!… it was meant to be I tell you. Aaaaaaaaand, oh crikey I suppose I should put in a disclaimer here after all my hand wringing over the last year about not wearing leather shoes due to being a veggie: Well folks I’m eating meat again temporarily. Basically I needed the energy and iron while I was doing Whole 30 because I felt mighty weak the last time I tried doing the program without. It won’t be a long term thing and I feel bloody awful about it but I am also a pragmatist, so I figured I couldn’t have any major moral objections about buying a leather organiser when I have four steaks sitting in my fridge at the moment.

I can’t wait to get my mitts on it and get all ‘New Year organised’. Lists, goals, plans for the year ahead! That and highlighting the bumper edition of the Radio Times the best part of Christmas!!! Right guys!? Guys??? Ahem…

Anyway, I now have to stop myself from endlessly staring at crafty ways to personalise my organiser on Pinterest because guess what? I don’t have time!




An Incredibly Happy New Year to You!

Ding dong bing bong! It’s New Year’s Eve!


I just wanted to pause for a brief moment to say thank you so much for taking the time to read this blog. 2013 was the year The Vintage Notebook came to life and it’s given me so much joy to write during that time. I hope 2014 will continue to be filled with books, dresses and Benedict Cumberbatch so that I can natter away to you all.

The New Year is obviously a time for reflection and I would say on the whole 2013 has been pretty darn good to me. I saw two dear friends get married and one become engaged. I travelled, a lot, to Budapest and other lovely places. We moved house, and although we didn’t want to leave the church initially, it has turned out to be a blessing in disguise as we have fallen hard for our new home. I quit my job and started a masters, which has been a complete dream and still seems slightly unreal. I went to Ireland to meet my amazing friend’s beautiful baby for the first time. I saw my family and friends be happy in new relationships, mark important birthdays, retire and other general good things abound. Oh yeah and I saw Bruce Springsteen again, *head explodes*.
Of course it wasn’t all sweetness and light because life isn’t like that. My grandma passed away in the spring and missing her still sneaks up and catches me unawares at strange times. Friends were sad and people got their hearts broken. This is unfortunately the, sometimes unfair, fabric of life.

But 2013 is almost closed and a new, crisp and clean diary needs to have its spine bent open for the first time as we all look forward to the future. Some people are poo-pooers of New Year’s resolutions but I personally think they are a good thing. It’s a worthwhile exercise to evaluate your actions once in a while and try to be better version of yourself. Even if you break all of them by the 4th, it’s still good to stand back and take a look.

So my resolutions are…
1. Stop fiddling with my hair ALL THE TIME!
2. Stop flaking, chipping, pulling about and generally knackering my nails.
3. Drink 2 litres of water a day. (I do this most days anyway after the dreaded kidney stones I had over the summer, but sometimes I forget).
4. Exercise a bit. (Generic one, but always relevant to me!)
5. Keep in touch with friends and family more. (Again generic but I have a bad habit of going off grid sometimes).

So, let’s see how long they will last.

2014 looks set to be a momentous year for me. I’ll be finishing my masters and trying to figure out what on Earth to do next, I’ll be turning 30 in July and Wes Anderson has a new film out. BRING IT ON!

Have a wonderful night tonight whatever you are doing and wherever you are. I’m having a quiet one at home with a boy, a curry and a nice grisly murder mystery, (I’m actually in the uni study room writing this and won’t get home before midnight if I don’t stop this and start reading something about Neolithic chamber tombs soon).

Again, heartfelt thank yous for reading this blog and I wish you the very best of New Years and a 2014 filled with adventures, laughter and excellent period dramas.