The Chap Olympiad 2015


The 11th annual Chap Olympiad tally-ho’d into town last Saturday, so I packed up a picnic hamper worthy of Howard Carter and made my way to Bedford Square to join in the jollity.

The Chap Olympiad is a riotous celebration of sporting ineptitude with praise lavished on the natty dresser above physical prowess. With events like the Corby Trouser Press Challenge and Umbrella Jousting it is the dandies, bounders and broads who revel in glory. For those of a less energetic persuasion, there is ample opportunity to eat quiche and people watch. No prizes for guessing which camp my Cuban heel was firmly placed in.

kBrave souls line up to face their perilous fate.

lLike a Roman gladiatorial arena, the braying crowd are thirsty for blood. And Pimms.

mWith my darling Nell.

o“No it’s fine darling, you don’t look like you just murdered your husband for his fortune”.


nWith my big sister – note the ice cream tub full of her amazing coconut ice.

dMy soon-to-be-brother-in-law ready for literally any occasion.

hOn his trusty Boris Bike, heading into battle.

gGreaves off for lunch.

pWith my amazing birthday present  – Mystery Stories for Girls.

AicBeau Brummell having a boogie.

Very many congratulation to the Iron Peacock aka Artemis Scarheart aka Hutch for taking home the much deserved silver cravat.

Until next year chaps



31 Moments of Pause



It was my birthday last Friday and I do so like an opportunity to take stock of my life. These times seem to feature in neat in quarterly chunks throughout the year; this little blog’s birthday is every February and serves as a nice point with which to look back on the past year’s writings and ramblings. Autumn is always a time for rejuvenation and planning for me. Christmas and New Year are naturally nostalgic moments. Finally, my birthday, falling as it does in the middle of the year works well as a general ‘what the heck have you been doing this year missy?’ stake in the ground. This time last year, I was in Nice, soaking up both sun and olive oil with hunks of warm bread. This time around I wanted to keep my birthday very low key. Life has been incredibly hectic these past few weeks so spending an entire weekend at home was the best present this wee goth could ask for.

It is difficult to know how I feel about my 30th year on this swirling earth. I finished my Masters degree last September, with my dissertation winning a prize, which was lovely. I started working for the Imperial War Museum straight out of uni as well as another job on a film. Aside – I realised recently that my daily life and blogging/social media don’t always work so well together because I am either in a museum or a film studio, two institution which prize behind the scenes privacy pretty fiercely. However, in the interests of clarity I can say that last Autumn I started doing some work researching historical weapons for a film which has now lead to me working full time in the armoury department. Yep, I spend my days in an armoury. Its pretty awesome.

This year has lead me in places I never thought I would go. It been full of happiness, such as my sister getting engaged. But there has also been some very acute sorrow at the loss of someone very special in my life. Overall it’s been a bitter-sweet year. I have no idea what my 31st one on this earth will be like. I have plans in place but we all know what happens to those of the best laid variety. At the moment I’m content to see the humour, silliness and wonder in everyday and simply enjoy being for a while without the pressures of deadlines. Oh apart from my PhD deadline of course but that’s a story for another day. In the meantime I’ll leave you with the homespun wisdom of Queen Dolly.




Monthly Bookmarks: June 2015

June BookmarksTired of London

Quite so Dr. Johnson. So what does this fair city have in store for us throughout June?


♥ Today would have been Marilyn Monroe’s 89th birthday, so it seems fitting that the BFI launches their Monroe season which runs for the month.

♥ Also on RIGHT NOW is the London Sci-Fi Festival. I went on Sunday to see T’s film and there is plenty more to see until it closes on the 7th.

♥ 3rd June sees the start of More London Free Festival on the Southbank.

♥ 4th June – Secret Cinema’s Star Wars run starts. I’m so excited! There are still tickets available if you haven’t got yours yet.

♥ 5th June – a fun filled night is taking place at the Wallace Collection hosted by the Londonist. The event celebrates the work of Joshua Reynolds with music from Furs and a talk from Ilamasqua colour experts.

♥ 6-7th June, Field Day! Well it is officially summer now, and it wouldn’t be summer in London without a day at a music festival.

♥ 13th June, no-one does a landmark exhibition like the V and A and their summer offering  – Shoes: Pleasure and Pain is set to be a hot seller.

♥ 13th June – World Archaeology Festival Day! This is a great day hosted by UCL as part of the nationwide World Archaeology Festival. It’s free to all and is a chance to get your hands on some fascinating artefacts. I volunteered at last year’s event and will be going along again to see what is on offer.

♥ 13th June – It’s the Queen’s Birthday! Or is it? I’m never really sure how it works. However, Trooping the Colours is taking place on this day. Even if you aren’t a monarchist, it’s useful to have this information on standby because traffic will be a bugger that day.

♥  24th June – Barbara Hepworth: Sculpture for a Modern World opens at the Tate Britain.

♥ 26th June marks the first proper day of Glastonbury! I may have missed the Boss and Dolly in recent years but I’m hopefully going to make it this year.

♥29th June, SPOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOORT! Finally, in a year bereft of international hysteria, good old Wimbledon rolls in to town to keep me sane.


Summer here we come!