Moid-er at the Manor


Last weekend I stayed at Eastwell Manor for the purposes of dastardly moid-er. I hasten to write that I wasn’t the guilty party, I can’t even kill spiders and I would fold like a soufflé in an airing cupboard under questioning. But what I lack in criminal chutzpah I more than make up for in dogged detective work. I’m basically a licensed PI. I mean, I can solve any Jonathan Creek in a flash.

I won’t go in to the intricacies of the murder mystery itself, because A. it would be dull – like hearing about someone else’s dream and B. it would ruin it for anyone wishing to attend. But the grounds looked beautiful during my blustery Sunday morning amble, so I thought I would share them.



Found a secret garden.





Oh and in case you were wondering dear reader, we won. Obvs.












*I may or may not have had a crime fighting  sidekick.




The Weekly Index: 4th November 2016

4th-november-2016It’s Friday! It’s Bonfire’s Night tomorrow! I just ate half a thing of Waitrose luxury custard for lunch! What’s not to be happy about? And to make life even better, here is The Weekly Index!…


♦ Time to try something new? Here are 215 hours of free language lessons.

Will VR change the way I see history? Spoiler alert, yes.

♦ I love reading about the use of pigments and colours from the past (I wonder why? Looking right attcha PhD), so this article looking at the use of ochre was a must read for me.

♦ Want to learn about the Stuarts? Here is a handy animated short narrated by David Mitchell.

How being a younger sibling can affect your career. Ahem!

♦ Laurie Simmons’ images subverting the housewife stereotype are awesome.

This Parisian ceramics boutique is just too cute.

The hidden party castle in the jungle.

♦ Before the racism, when Bardot was still queen of all things, including style.

♦ And finally… a sizzling hot playlist to get you in the Bonfire’s spirit.






Happy Hallowen 2016

c1fd1e9060fcf9d1e9cd80f5f66b60e9He’s been! He’s been! Sorry, I mean.. It’s here! It’s here! Halloween is really here. In what has become something of an annual tradition here at The Vintage Notebook, I have complied a Halloween playlist to get you all in the spirit of things (see what I did there?)

Whatever you do today, I hope you have a fangtastic day. Groan.

Sig H