MCM Expo 2015!

Guess where I was yesterday?



That’s right, the other happiest place on Earth – MCM Comic Con! I have been attending MCM for years and it never fails to fill me with love and joy for my fellow earthlings. I love how excited everyone is, the effort they have put into their costumes and the huge gangs of online groups meeting up in person. Of course, the matching outfits always give me the warm and fuzzies too. As I keep saying to T, the couple who cosplay together stay together, however he is yet to be convinced.
I never really dress up as anything other than myself turned up to 11. This year I went for art deco-cyborg aided by this new dress that makes me feel like the Chrysler Building.



There is so much to see at MCM. It’s a riot of colour, noise and fun, with a big dollop of Japanese Kawaii culture in the form of cute jewellery and sweets (Pocky anyone?).


Mad Max car! I saw it last week and am still blown away by how utterly brilliant it is. Best film I’ve seen in years.


After scoffing some delicious peaches and cream Nice Ice (amazing) I headed home to host my annual Eurovision Party. Can we all just take a moment to appreciate the wonder of  Georgia’s Nina Sublatti.

Singer Sublatti representing Georgia performs the song "Warrior" during the first semifinal of the upcoming 60th annual Eurovision Song Contest In Vienna

She woz robbed! Hey ho! Off to Stockholm next year and another opportunity to embrace a Scandinavian themed menu. Every cloud.