Life Goals Accomplished! The Day I Visited a Pumpkin Patch

Yesterday I realised a life long dream of enacting every cliché I’ve ever seen in an American film – foremost on the list after going to prom and being sent to summer camp (think I may have missed the boat on both), was visiting a pumpkin patch at Halloween. We don’t have many pumpkin patches here in the UK, but never one to give up on a dream easily, or at least without quick Google search, I tracked down Crookford Bridge Farm, and headed down there yesterday as excited as a kid a Christmas

I don’t think I need to say too much about the day because the sheer idiot joy on my face speaks volumes…

Let’s just get a wee close up of that…


What a complete fool.

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The Crookford Bridge Farm Shop is pretty fabulous too and I stocked up on duck eggs and lemon drizzle cake before heading home to eat aforementioned duck eggs and lemon drizzle cake.

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There is lots for kiddlywinks to do at the patch, including a theatre show and pumpkin carving. But why should the kids have all of the fun?

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I’m wearing an apron that I picked up in Estonia during my epic shopping day. It manages to encompass two favourite things of mine, a little bit goth, a little bit folk crafts. I’m wearing it with a lace tea dress from Asos, a big chunky cardi from Forever 21 and my trusty 1914 Dr Martens.



Until next Halloween!