Show Me the Microfilm

Lavish EIn news that may or may not come as a shock to you, I am not a spy (or Iaaaaaam I?) No, but really, I’m not (or Iaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaam I?). However if I were a spy I would wear this pseudo French Noir assassin get up constantly. Now, you might argue that a look such as this would draw more rather than less attention whilst breaking into the Kremlin and/or a bank vault in Zurich, but if watching a million Cold War espionage films has taught me anything it’s that you have to look the part or you might as well take your security cleared ass back to spy school 101. I mean Bond has his tux, I have this Lavish Alice cape dress and beret combo. Waiting for your call Andrew Parker.

Lavish BThe serious steely gaze of an unbreakable covert operative.




Folk Witch

I went to the beautiful wedding of two truly beautiful people this week and got to stay in this bad boy. It’s a Romany caravan dating to the 1870s.


What’s inside I hear you wonder?


This wally!

I took the opportunity to stage an impromptu photoshoot because it was all just too darn pretty.



IMG_20160407_090620Extreme close-up, that highlight though…

The piano shawl is my current obsession. I got it from Bygone Vintage and it is basically a physical representation of the inside of my head. It may well serve as inspiration for my new 1930s apartment, which I’m moving in to in a few short weeks! Squeee!




We’re All Mad Here


It was that time again last Saturday, yes it was the New Sheridan Club Christmas Party. It’s hard to believe that it has been a year since I got to dress up as an archaeologist for the Curse of the Mummies Tomb do and two whole years since the First World War themed party of 2013.

This time around in honour of 150 years since the publication of Lewis Carroll’s classic it was Alice in Wonderland themed.


I knocked up this confection worthy of the mad hatter himself. I will confess that I had some help with the stream of tea, which was actually made from fast cast resin (well what’s the point of working in the movies if you can’t make use of some clever prop makers?) but the rest was my own work and it turned out quite well I think.


Excuse the slightly pained expression on my face, it may have looked like a delight but it certainly wasn’t one to wear. Thankfully I was at a spa the following day and had the cricks massaged out of the neck.