70s Witch

I had an urge to watch Tim Burton’s Dark Shadows a little while ago. If truth be known I wasn’t really blown away the first time I saw it, but a second viewing really made me fall in love with it, particularly the costumes which had slightly passed me by before. They. Are. Amazing. I’ve been through numerous clothing phases in my life, influenced by different eras and references, and now feel that I’m just some mix of all of them. But one constant throughout most looks has always been what I like to refer to (in the eloquent words of Nancy Spungen) as ‘fuckin’ Stevie Knicks in hippie clothes’. This was confirmed to me by my dear friend when we were deconstructing our personal styles to each other the other day (because that’s what real friends do people), and she said that to her I’d always been some Wednesday Addamsy-witchy-20s-bohmeianny-60s-hippy-Kate-Bushy-kind of thing. Or something to that effect, which I placed firmly in my ego engine and skipped along on my way with.


It’s quite true. I have always been influenced by 60s and 70s psychedelia fashions in some way, even if I didn’t know that’s what it was. As an 11 year old this was manifest in my impressive collection of long tie-dye crinkle skirts that my mother had to lovingly twist out over the bath in order for them for retain their alluring rumpled ridges. At about twenty-odd, I fell in love with the Pre-Raphaelites and tried in vain to grow my hair as long as a Waterhouse sea nymph. Then it was all about the 1910s-20s bohemia, with lots of velvet, lace and beading, which to my mind is a predecessor of the embellished swathes of fabric and tassels synonymous with the late 60s and early 70s. One of my greatest purchases at this time was a purple sequin kaftan that I acquired from the CND shop on the Holloway Road for five of the Queen’s pounds and subsequently wore to most social events I was invited to between 2005-2008. This also, perhaps not inconsequently ties in with the time in my life when people kept telling me I looked like Kate Bush. Anyway, I’m not sure where all of this is going really but suffice it to say that that whole velvet drenched, kaftan bedecked, occult obsessed style has in some form or another influenced me, either in its own right or via its precursors and I’m quite happy that I’m identified with it by those closest to me.
Soooooooooooo, who wants to look at some wonderful gothically psychedelic clothes? Yes me too. Let us have some music whilst we browse…

Play Me!

Burton’s film is obviously an adaptation the cult TV series which aired in the late 60s -early 70s. So it is only right that we take a look at some moments from that production too….

93f15999823a99ecbc8a3120e78fd6415a4f2f0b6a684abfe148c215c8c9775aa9b2f1fa882a59e821f67fde4905f354The original Angelique.

Darks Shaddows.20 looks a touch more HD.

fb85e9885898e3c9c2edfe6617beb844How gorgeous is this outfit? She looks like Daphne from Scooby-Doo’s edgy little sister, who doesn’t have time to solve mysteries because she’s too busy getting high and listening to Janis Joplin.


I also kinda fell in love with Dr. Hoffman in all of her drunken glory – and that hair! Fabulous!


Angelique, played by Eva Green, boasts some enviable retro tailoring which I heartily approve of, I do so love an executive witch.

b36453f2c22d67a92b137dfc70a09d800e89f1d5a2970d7b649a6b8f21b89b41Love the spiderweb break in the glass.

And look at little Vicky Winters, super cute in her preppy 70s threads.

However I think the belle of the Halloween ball has to be Elizabeth Collins, I want everything she wears, inlcuding the hair pieces. So, so good…

Look at that necklace! And the Paisley! And all the big sleeves! Fab-u-lous!

ef7df55ca3f84f59f5598cb270d088f3Of course we can’t forget dear Barnabas, his accessorising alone warrants a golf clap.

If you are as seduced by this look as I am, here are a few good online resouces for repro or inspired pieces…

Free People – good for flares and kaftans.

Sugar High Love Stoned – Reproduction Woodstock finest

Girl on a Vine – Unreal kaftans in a range of beautiful fabrics

So, let’s finish off with a few more shots from this period that I just love…

jinx dawson covenJinx Dawson

Pamela Courson

Well quite.



The Radio Times – Notebook Edition

I wanted to let you know about a few great programmes currently available on the BBC IPlayer because, well what else are we supposed to do now that the clocks are going back and it’s as black as pitch by four o’clock? I try my hardest not to leave the house unless a roast dinner or Trick or Treating is involved during this time of year. Instead, I like hunkering down, tea-ing up and getting friendly with all of the great TV on offer. I’m pretty sure I’m not alone. There’s a reason TV scheduler-types put all of their best stuff on in the Autumn you know folks. I should know, I used to be one.

So, in this run up to Halloween the good old Beeb have come up trumps again with a whole raft of programming focussing on the gothic and the macabre. However, because it’s Auntie, it is all nicely wrapped up with an informative docu-dramatization bow. Huzzah!

So first off, we have Dan Cruickshank taking us through the story of the Scott family who, over three generations, were fundamental in the rise of the British Gothic style of the 19th century, all with a tasty dollop of personal tragedy naturally. Click!

Next is a very theatrical yet informative programme tracking the Gothic Revival in Britain within art, literature and wider Culture. Click!

To get us in the mood for Bonfire’s night which is only a few short days away (mittens at the ready folks), here is a nice dramatic reconstruction of the Gunpowder Plot. It is a bit patchy in parts and seems to skip over some events pretty swiftly, however, it’s a broad-brush recap of the political motivations and alliances that bore the plot in to fruition, if not execution. Click!

Although it was first aired a few years ago, Mark Gaitiss’ (he of Sherlock genius) walk through European Horror Cinema got a repeat outing a few days ago, so that too is currently up on the IPlayer. Catch it if you haven’t already! Click!

Finally, Dracula is available in all of its Hammer Horror glory. Peter Cushings cushing about and Christopher Lee being all imposing in glorious Technicolor – stick a toffee apple on a stick and call it a night folks. Boo!

Sweet nightmares kittens



I Know You…

I know this trailer came out a little while ago now, but I’m still so hooked on it I thought it was worth a post.

(urrgh, apologies, my imbedded You Tube plugin is being foolish tonight, so you will have to make the jump I’m afraid – click!)

Maleficent was always my favourite Disney character growing up, followed closely by the sassy French mouse from the Rescuers. I always thought that she was so beautiful and elegant and I loved the way her staff clanged on the flagstone floor. I’ve just remembered that for a while, I even had an imaginary pet raven who would sit on my shoulder when I was bored in school.
This trailer is so dreamy. It’s a beautifully thick and foggy sleep that you can never quite emerge from.

Needless to say I’m dying for the release date.