Moid-er at the Manor


Last weekend I stayed at Eastwell Manor for the purposes of dastardly moid-er. I hasten to write that I wasn’t the guilty party, I can’t even kill spiders and I would fold like a soufflé in an airing cupboard under questioning. But what I lack in criminal chutzpah I more than make up for in dogged detective work. I’m basically a licensed PI. I mean, I can solve any Jonathan Creek in a flash.

I won’t go in to the intricacies of the murder mystery itself, because A. it would be dull – like hearing about someone else’s dream and B. it would ruin it for anyone wishing to attend. But the grounds looked beautiful during my blustery Sunday morning amble, so I thought I would share them.



Found a secret garden.





Oh and in case you were wondering dear reader, we won. Obvs.












*I may or may not have had a crime fighting  sidekick.




October Events – Bat Ears Optional


If you haven’t started thinking about how you would like to spend Halloween this year, I softly and warmly urge you to do so. As ever, here in the capital there is a glut of Halloween themed events throughout October and to be honest it can be a little overwhelming trying to decide which ghoul to stick your stake in. Fear not! Your friendly neighbourhood goth is here to lend a claw with my top spooky happenings in Ye Old London town.

1st Oct – London Month of the Dead: As the name suggests, the month long series of events exploring the relationship between the city and its dead is back and very worth checking out.

13th Oct – Tim Burton Season at the Notting Hill Arts Club. This cinematic season dedicated to the work of Tim Burton started last week, but  it is back on the 20th with The Nightmare Before Christmas.

23rd Oct – October Plenty. An Autumn Harvest Festival held on the Southbank which encompasses Apple Day and is completely free.

27-28th Oct - Veuve Clicquot Widow Series Rooms: Curated by FKA Twigs, ‘Rooms’ explores the signs of the zodiac. Performance artists, musicians and ermm, other… artists have collaborated to explore the characteristics of each sign in twelve immersive rooms.

28th Oct – Lobotomy Room Presents Halloween at Fontaines: For those of you who enjoy the sterling work of Elvira (well who doesn’t) head over to Fontaines for Lobotomy Room’s Halloween film screening and raucous after party.

28th Oct – Night Owls Sleepover the the Museum of London: Admittedly this is aimed at kiddlywinks so beg, borrow or steal some (Editor’s note – don’t steal children).

28th Oct – A Curious Invitation Seven Deadly Sins Halloween Ball:  With 7 stages and over 100 acts this ambitious night is sure to be a goodie.

28th Oct – Halloween Late at the National Gallery: Celebrating the dark side of the National collection, the gallery will be open until 9pm with pumpkin carving, drinks and music.

28-29th – The Candlelight Club Halloween Spooktacular: The Candlelight Club is doing what it does best this Halloween by serving up bathtub ginfuls of Speakeasy hi-jinks with a spooky twist. Very worth heading along to.

28-30th Oct – MCM Comic Con: Not technically a Halloween themed event, but you won’t find a more wonderful collection of costumes than at the MCM, mainly because the October instalment hosts the European Cosplay Finals. I bloody love the place and try to go every year.

Sig H










The Chap Olympiad 2016



I have been a bit slow in sharing these pictures of the Chap Olympiad from last weekend, but in my defence I have been seconded on a mysterious mission of great magnitude to trace the source of the Nile for Queen and country.  Or maybe I have just been out a lot having fun. Shut up. The self proclaimed celebration of Britain’s sporting ineptitude is held annually in Bedford Square and sees courageous folk test their daring and do in a series of death defying very silly events.

Chap I DSC02391Such as Not Playing Tennis which Elwood the, I want to say… whippet(?) is excelling at.

Chap HAnd Umbrella Jousting, seen here being enacted by my own courageous and former double cravat winning (he doesn’t like to talk about it) brother in-law.

Chap GWhich proves more dangerous than one might initially think.

Chap FThere was even a wedding!

Chap EEveryone looked fabulous as usual.

Chap DLike this guy.

Chap B

ChapAAs you can see it is a very grey affair.

kDespite the photographic evidence to the contrary, I was in fact not half cut (more like a quarter) when this was taken. I spent most of the day snapping others and didn’t think to get any of myself, so this shot of me looking like something that woke up under a pile of cushions at Kiki De Montparnasse’s house will have to do. I wore the piano shawl that I wrote about here. My dress is from Asos and is now available in the Petite range too. Word to the wise, it was initially split to the naval so if you don’t fancy having the entirety of your sternum showing you will need to do what I did and have it altered slightly.


Chap C Until next year….