Bonjour Gretel

Apron F

So I realise that looking like a French maid in a ginger bread house isn’t everyone’s idea of a good time, but it sure is mine so here you go. When I saw this apron in Tallinn last year I knew for certain that I wouldn’t be doing any baking in it. The mixture of gothic and folk styles exhibited in this do something to my synapses on a fairly primitive level and I knew it would be something I would wear out and about over cute dresses. I actually took it for it’s first outing last October when I went to a pumpkin patch, because I’m the sort of idiot who dresses for every single cliché she can and it seemed like the right thing to do. I had pigtails too. I know, killing it.

This time I took the apron of dreams on a more grown up spin and paired it with my Courtney Love x Nasty Gal dress and my favourite Terry De Haviland shoes from about ten years ago.

Apron C

FYI, the apron of dreams makes me irritatingly sassy. Right, I best be off to polish that cauldron, the children will be arriving soon.






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    Wow, what a great blog, and I absolutely love your outfit, what a cool idea pairing an apron with dresses, I never would have thought of that! It is a really elegant look, I’m curious what the apron would look like with a non-black dress. Any particular fashion inspiration for this? The shoes go perfectly with the outfit as well.