Hello and welcome to The Vintage Notebook.

About the Vintage Notebook

I am an aesthetic magpie. I flitter from one beautiful branch to another storing away anything shiny that takes my fancy. Due to this I developed a disorganised and swirling mental catalogue of inspirations from the past; Elizabeth Siddal, tiny wide-eyed flappers, Victorian Gothic novels, Cold War espionage, Charles Addams comics, B-Movie Noir, dust-bowl circus tents, art deco design, Mary Quant dresses and an awful lot more. After many years I was walking around with what felt like one huge and ever-evolving mood board of images, it was like trying to herd butterflies keeping everything in my mind. One day I sat with my friend in Spitalfeilds market and over coffee and doughnuts we discussed what inspired us visually. We spent hours talking in lists and getting more and more excited as we did so. Walking home I realised that I needed a creative space for these thoughts, and so The Vintage Notebook was born. The name encompasses the origins of its inception; this is a place to note down the aesthetics that resonate with me in any and every form. It’s design focussed, culturally driven and immersed in the darker, shadowy aspects of life. Hence the mantra of The Vintage Notebook: Modern Noir, Past Shadows.

Modern Noir is how I describe my personal style; darkly gothic vintage combined with strong contemporary minimalism. Past Shadows highlights a desire to explore all elements of the past and find traces of their shadows in today’s world, from four-thousand year-old artefacts to 1970’s occult.


So, what is inside the Notebook?

  • Culture Dossier: Reviews of cultural carry-on’s in old London Town
  • Wardrobe Reports: A peak inside my closet.
  • I Spy…I Want: Beautiful things to lust over.
  • History Casebook: History and archaeology related posts covering the people, sites and evidence of the past.
  • The Screening Room: Here you will find anything and everything to do with the talkies.
  • Foreign Postings: Travel reports from around the world.
  • Locked Files: Spotlight accounts of envy inducing hair throughout the decades.
  • Audio Transcripts: Because we are too busy to read, God created audiobooks. Here I review what I have been listening to.

Above all the purpose of The Vintage Notebook is to be a place that people can simply enjoy, no more and no less. So I hope you do.




Chloe divides her time between working in film, archaeology research and writing The Vintage Notebook. She lives in London with her spoilt cat and too many kimonos.

Chloe is available for reviews, feature writing and research. If you would like to discuss a future project together, please contact her via social media or by email: chloe@thevintagenotebook.com