A few of my favourite things…

Happy Things

THE HIIIIIIIILS ARE ALIVE WITH THE SOUND OF MUSI…..! Oh for flip’s sake, wrong song.


There is an awful lot of good stuff in my life currently, which frankly with the world the way it is at the moment is nothing short of miraculous and should I think be celebrated. Big or small, everyday happy stuff needs to be shouted about. How convenient….

1. This song by Lord Huron is everything. Like millions of other people I binge warched 13 Reasons Why in a fairly major way and fell in love with this signature song from the series. It makes me want to wear a floofy 50s prom dress to a blue-hued moonlit dance and get butterflies over a shy boy.

2. While mainlining the aforementioned track I stumbled upon this marvellously kitsch spaghetti Western-inspired video from the band for their other standout song Time To Run. A very enjoyable five minutes.

3. Mangoes. I just bloody love them.

4. You Must Remember This podcast. True to form I am about four years behind the curve, as is my want. However, what I lack in Johnny-on-the-spottedness I more than make up for in headlong obsessive dedication to something for an intense and always limited time. At the time of writing I have listened to nearly 100 episodes of this incredibly well-researched and eloquently delivered podcast since it was first introduced to me all of a a few weeks ago. YMRT explores the forgotten stories of Hollywood’s first century, touching on everything from the interwoven love lives of film royalty to the effects of the Blacklist. I. Am. Gripped. Gripped I tell ye!

5. Versailles Season 2! My favourite programme of last year is back on BBC 2 and oh how I have missed the self-centred, over-sexed lot of them. Beautiful little Philippe. Louis, equal parts paranoia, god complex and sociopath. That bloke in the leather boots who goes around beating people up in dungeons before apparently bristling with desire for the all too honourable undercover lady doctor who is only a thigh slap away from being full on Blackadder II Bob. How can you not love its egoism and opulence? You can’t, so don’t try, just get on board so we can chat about it.

6. I realise that this is a bit of a curveball but I hope it will prove a useful one nonetheless. OK here goes…this bloody vacuum cleaner is great. I bought one the other day and if you co-habit with a creature of the furry persuasion it will make you very happy.

7. Finally, the latest mega-offering from the V&A opens this weekend. Pink Floyd: The Mortal Remains is a retrospective of the the band’s music, art and influence and will assuredly seek to mimic the huge popularity of the Bowie exhibition of a few years ago. I’m looking forward to checking it out for myself in a few weeks time, although who this David Gilmour bloke is I have no idea…