Strong Women with a side of cake

68fdc1888c4439b057ea0c67fa684bd2This week I have had the great honour of serving as guest blogger for one of my favourite blogs – Bu Bakes! LizBu of BuBakes uses her super baking powers for good, by donating a share of every sale to Mind and raising awareness of mental health issues by writing honestly and openly about her own battle with anxiety.

She is running a series exploring what strength in women means to different people kick ass contributors and she asked me for my take on the subject. Naturally I put a historical spin on things as is my want and you can read my article here!

While you are over that way you might like to order some of BuBakes amazing cupcakes or scrummy fudge – seriously both are phenomenal, and you need something to snack on while reading all of her great posts right?





Fossil Hunting


So it has been about a zillion years since Christmas, but I thought I would go ahead and share a few pictures from my holiday trip to the South coast. This Christmas was always going to be a strange one as we lost my step-dad on New Year’s Eve last year, so not only was this the first Christmas without him but also the anniversary of his death. Not really the cheeriest of times then. It was going to feel weird no matter what we did so we decided to do something completely different and book a cottage in Devon for a week and have Christmas down there. It was great, we stayed on a farm, it had an ostrich and proper fire and all sorts.


On Boxing day we bundled into my little car and headed to nearby Lyme Regis where we wandered along The Cobb, of French Lieutenant’s Woman fame. Beyond historical romantic fiction Lyme Regis is also synonymous with fossil hunting, being as it is on the Jurassic Coast where the cliffs keep falling apart to reveal hidden prehistoric treasures.


Pioneer fossil hunter Mary Anning is celebrated in the town, including at the Lyme Regis Museum. If you don’t know about Mary’s extraordinary life and work look her up because she was a brilliant woman. Completely self taught and from a very modest background, Mary made a series of discoveries which immeasurably advanced our  understanding of prehistoric creatures.


Lyme Regis itself is ridonkulously cute and quaint with colourful houses, waterways and cobbled streets all over the place. It was lovely enough on a grey chilly December day, it must be darling in the summer time.


I loved this sign that was hung in a local shop window – it perfectly sums up the friendly and laid back atmosphere of the place.


We wandered into a great vintage shop where I picked up some new to me goodies, which I’ll showcase in an outfit post soon after a few minor adjustments have been made. Then we headed down The Cobb where I did my best Meryl Streep (easier said than done).


Then it was back to the car to eat salty chips and listen to the Boxing Day fixtures on 5 Live, perfick!



The Weekly Index: 22nd January 2016

22nd January 2016So the big news in Notebook-land this week is that I have booked my flights to the states for a few weeks time! I will be driving the Pacific Coast Highway from Portland to LA and I couldn’t be more excited to stay in motels, eat diner breakfasts and take in the amazing scenery.

Not going to lie, most of this week has been spent looking at the Voodoo Doughnuts menu and sourcing vintage shops along the route. But in an amongst all of that I’ve been looking at this stuff:

Coffin Birth’s, what they are and why they are interesting.

♦ Yet another inspiring and amazing woman from archaeological history courtesy of Trowelblazers – Zelia Nutall.

♦ Remembering Martin Luther King Jr. and Coretta Scott King.

♦ Let’s hear it for the boys. Celebrating male street style, with the added joy of lots of Trilbys and natty tailoring.

♦ Up in smoke, Byron’s fake opium pipe causing havoc in London, much like the man himself.

Forensics in ‘real life not like TV shocker’.

♦ Look at these cute illustrated maps of European cities? Love em’.

The fatal beauty secrets of the Georgians!

♦ Wanna know some shizz about Eva Peron? Here’s a short write up of the woman herself.

♦ And finally… this week saw my first, my last, my everything, Dolly Parton turn 70, so here is a tribute to her Working Girl style.