July Bookmarks


It’s haat, haat, haat, out there. It’s also July! So what will this new month have in store for us all?

♦ 2nd July – Audrey Hepburn: Portraits of an Icon opened at the National Portrait Gallery yesterday. Book yourself some tickets because I have a feeling this will be a summer hit.

♦ 3rd July  (that’s today) IT’S MA BIRFDAAAAAAAAY! Ahem, yeah. It’s my birthday today. No biggie.

♦ 3rd July - Amy is being released today. The documentary which mixes home videos with interviews has been called misleading by her family, however I’m sure will still be a must see for fans of the star.

♦ 4th July – Independence Day. Even though here in Britain America’s Independence day may not be something to wave a flag about (old wounds run deep guys), there are still several parties and festivals taking place around the capital, where you can pick up a corn dog and drink some Bud, or other less stereotypical clichés.

4th July – A Curious Invitation’s Masonic Masquerade Party is taking place in the bowels of the Masonic Temple for anyone wanting to divulge in a little debauchery. Although if you can muster an ounce of hedonism in this heat you’re a better woman than I. “Mint Julep and a fan please!”

4th July – The Friends of Kensal Green Cemetery are hosting an open day on this day, which will involve tours of the cemetery as well as local history stalls and activities.

5th July – Silverstone Grand Prix Weekend!!! The golden age of motor racing may be gone but I still adore me some Formula 1 action of a weekend. Broooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooom!

8th July – Soundscapes opens at the National Gallery. The exhibition features pieces of music inspired or relating to particularl paintings, allowing viewers (or hearers) to listen to artworks. Well now I do say.

11th July – Chap Olympiad! Whoop. I’ve got my sun dress ready and my picnic hamper packed (not really, the sandwiches would go mouldy) ready for the annual romp in Bedfordshire Square. See you there what-ho!

11-12th July – Wimbledon Final Weekend. Don’t even try to get a ticket. Do you know that Wimbledon publishes a ‘guide to queueing’? Honestly, I downloaded it. Can you imagine anything more British? OK, so forget actually being there, just buy all of the strawberries Waitrose has and do whatever Heston tells you to with them and watch the finals unfurl in comfort of your own cats.

12th July – Bastille Festival. In a celebration of all things Gallic, Borough Market will be hosting a French culinary feast to chomp your way through, whilst singing Le Vie En Rose, or whatever you’er supposed to do on Bastille Day.

18th July – Not of much interest to many people but I’m going to Helsinki! I absolutely can’t wait. So stay tuned for lots of posts about my adventures in Scandi-land.


Right, now I’m off to do birthday things! Have a fabulous day (well it is the best day of the year)





The Weekly index: 26th June 2015

26th June 2015

I need this hat because time keeps slipping away form me. I can’t believe a whole week has flown by. These last seven days have been pretty full-on but I’ve managed to turn up these few interesting titbits from the internets….

♦ Zombies ain’t new. Even the ancient Greeks feared them.

♦ I love these vibrant pictures of Food trucks.

♦ It’s Glastonbury weekend which in my book marks the official start of summer, but here are some other weird and wonderful festivals throughout history.

♦ 8 million doggy mummies estimated in shrine to Anibus . Poor Fido.

The death of a sculpture.


Have a great weekend and keep curious




The Weekly Index: 19th June 2015

19th June 2015

This is a sadly accurate illustration of my main food group this week as things have been pretty non-stop. Beyond giving me some severe sugar spikes it also means that there hasn’t been much time for on-line excursions, so this week’s Weekly Index will be short but sweet.


Things women have died form in literature – ‘sherry served too cold’ being a favourite of mine.

♦ A frankly horrible snippet of the realities of slavery in the ancient world.

♦ ‘Weird’ Victorian beauty standards.

Three things to remember when overcoming failure.

♦ The battle of Kennewick Man reignites after new DNA evidence is revealed.

Hear women making electronic music from 1938 to today.

♦ Jon Stewart’s powerful response to the recent Charleston shooting.


Keep curious