The Weekly Index: 22nd July 2016

22nd July 2016Photo: Aimee N C

After a week off The Weekly index makes a heroic return to take you into the weekend. Let’s get cracking…

♦ The lucky recipient of Van Gogh’s ear has been revealed.

Winona Forever, the timeless appeal of a Hollywood outsider.

These pictures,  which are inspired by the loss of her Grandmother and captured by Muyi Xiao, are lovely.

♦ The Chap is offering one lucky reader the chance to get kitted out like a Peaky Blinder.

Beauty quotes attributed to the stars of yesteryear (uh huh *eyebrow raise*).

♦ Bit of a tearjerker this one; people with Alzheimer’s talk about the memories they never want to forget.

Jane Austin’s Instagram account.

♦ A bit about the Welcome Collection’s new Bedlam exhibition.

♦ Marie Curie attended a secret underground ‘flying university‘.

♦ And finally… it’s the wee Prince George’s 3rd birthday today and there is no denying that these celebratory pictures are cute as funk. P.s. don’t feed ice cream to dogs. Bad boy Prince.




Summer Catch Up

I thought it was time for a catch up. I’ve been having such a bloody lovely time in this early part of the summer that I wanted to share a few things that have been making me very happy. I also invite you all to listen to this tune while you peruse the below, as it is essentially the soundtrack to my summer because I have been struck down with a rare condition that renders me incapable of listening to anything other than the entire Biffy Clyro discography in recent weeks.


Bloody Lovely Thing No. 1

IMATS and Bruce Springsteen at Wembley.

It was technically (there’s no technically about it, it was) my dear friend Nell’s birthday weekend but somehow she still ended up taking me to see Bruce Springsteen and buying me all the  gold  nachos that I could eat. IMATS was fun, and I was happy to find lots of cruelty free make-up brands there including some great brushes by Nashy. I have been transitioning all of my cosmetics and household products to cruelty free brands during the last six months or so since I returned to being a veggie. To find a really good quality CF brush brand made me happy. Sidenote – the new Beauty Blender I purchased at the same time got sucked up the vacuum cleaner last night, woe.

IMG_20160605_215833See we were in the same building as Springsteen!

The next day we headed to Wembley to see Bruce. I’ve seen The Boss perform, I want to say four times now and every time he just gets better and better. I was in something of a giddy golden high for two hours and sang my lungs out (when my face wasn’t full of aforementioned nachos).

Bloody Lovely Thing No. 2

I was a Bridesmaid!


I went over to Belfast to be a bridesmaid for one of my dearest, sweetest and most magical friends. The day was lovely and full of meaning, warmth and fun. I was also involved in a ‘Chloe Does Neat Hair Shocker!’ when I got my do done all fancy like by the kind hairdresser. It was a very special few days. I felt honoured to be involved and to spend time with some of the best people I’ve ever known. In other news, my dress for anyone interested was the Kate dress from ASOS.

Bloody Lovely Thing No. 3

The New Sheridan Club Summer Picnic.


This was nice. First picnic of the season for me and the torrential downpours which have characterised the summer to date left us alone for most of the day. The Red Arrows even did a fly past which was very well timed. Hats off to the NSC committee for their thoughtful and elaborate gesture.

Bloody Lovely Thing No. 4.

My Birthday Weekend.


Firstly I went to Kew Gardens to see the new Hive exhibition, which gave me a whole new respect for bees, which is saying something because I was fond of them anyway. The Hive, designed by Wolfgang Butress, houses thousands of LED lights which are triggered by sensory information from ACTUAL BEES IN A REAL HIVE that have been fitted with humane transmitting devices. Coupled with that, the vibrations from the bees form a soundtrack of music and sounds which enhance the sensory experience of the sculpture. It is bloody wonderful frankly. I would advise going at a time likely to be quiet such as first thing on a week day or to one of the lates because the noise of people talking did make hearing the bee sounds a bit hard at times.

The next day (my actual birthday) I went to the Wolseley for breakfast with my Dad. The Wolseley (so named for the cars it once housed until 1927 ) is my favourite restaurant in London and I try and get myself taken there at least once a year by dropping not so subtle hints to anyone who has ears and a credit card.


I was then taken on a magical mystery tour by Nell (yes, remember her? The woman who spent her birthday treating me to Bruce a few weeks previously) to a wonderful pub to be surprised by lots of my lovely friends. They thoughtfully gave me several pieces of Klaus Haapaniemi serving wear as a gift. I love this china set and am slowly collecting the lot. You can read up about the artist and the design here.

Bloody Lovely Thing No.5



A few months ago I was sitting in Starbucks ‘working’ and it occurred to me that as a grown-ass woman with no responsibilities living in London I should go to Paris much more. I quickly sent out some smoke signals to my bunchiest bunch of friends and lo! A few short weeks later we were whisking ourselves off for a day of wandering by the Sienne and drinking good wine. I’m happy to report that mission was accomplished on both fronts.

Bloody Lovely Thing No.6

Hen Do!

The day after Paris I went to the majestic, exuberant and energising hen do of someone who is all of those things and more. It was held on a beautiful canal boat filled with exquisite craft pieces and fabrics, not to mention two adorable dogs. We picnicked, practised Vogueing and then carried on sailing down to Mick’s Garage at Crate for a wonderful mezze meal decorated with flowers, streamers and photographs. It was in every sense a day that glowed and I was so fortunate to be a part of it.

DSC02187 DSC02201 DSC02204 DSC02212 DSC02223Party crutches for our injured hen.

I often talk effusively about things and throw the word ‘love’ around like popcorn at a sleepover, but these past few weeks have genuinely been some of the most special that I can remember. I’m not quite sure how but I have managed to surround myself with people who bring me nothing but joy and laughter. Some I am lucky enough to call family, others are a family that I have made for myself. Without getting too syrupy, you lovely readers feel part of that too, so thank you so much, as ever, for reading, sharing, liking and commenting on what I do here.


Right, let’s do the rest of this glorious summer.











July 2016 Bookmarks

July 2016 BookmarkJuly is here. It’s official. As much as I love Autumn, I can’t deny that there are lots of lovely things coming up this summer. It’s a Pimms fuelled – strawberry- soaked bonanza of high-jinks and I can’t blooming wait.

6th July – Georgia O’Keefe comes to the Tate Modern.

7-9th July – If you haven’t been on a walk of the Thames Foreshore I suggest you do because there is oodles of history and archaeology literally beneath your feet. BUT please go with someone who knows what they are doing because the Thames is tidal and if you’re not a savvy old sea dog YOU WILL DIE! Maybe. As part of the annual Festival of Archaeology the Thames Foreshore Project are offering guided walks this week. Get on it.

16th July – Chap Olympiad klaxon! Yep it’s that time again. Start limbering up those, ermmm, limbs and hatching elaborately duplicitous methods of smuggling in half a dozen bottles of Proseco now – I’m going with a hollowed out faux pregnancy stomach this year.

17th July – The Secret Agent premières on BBC One. Toby Jones stars in this adaptation of Joseph Conrad tale of a London shopkeeper who is tasked with a top secret slab of espionage by the Russians. You can watch the trailer here.

21st July – The Tate Modern hosts an exhibition of 100 works by American photographer William Eggleston.

23rd July – This year marks the 350th anniversary (if that is the right word) of the Great Fire Of London. The Museum of London have chosen to commemorate this with their new immersive  exhibition Fire! Fire! I’m holding back from saying you can take a trip down Memory Pudding Lane and explore 17th century London because that would just be obvious and a touch insensitive. Wouldn’t it?

30th July – At the end of July I have to do something truly gruelling. Yes peoples I’m am required to wear pink in public. I also have to run 5k apparently but as I’m sure you will appreciate that is really secondary to the immediate aforementioned pink situation. If you would like to sponsor me in this arduous and challenging task – here is my page.