October Events – Bat Ears Optional


If you haven’t started thinking about how you would like to spend Halloween this year, I softly and warmly urge you to do so. As ever, here in the capital there is a glut of Halloween themed events throughout October and to be honest it can be a little overwhelming trying to decide which ghoul to stick your stake in. Fear not! Your friendly neighbourhood goth is here to lend a claw with my top spooky happenings in Ye Old London town.

1st Oct – London Month of the Dead: As the name suggests, the month long series of events exploring the relationship between the city and its dead is back and very worth checking out.

13th Oct – Tim Burton Season at the Notting Hill Arts Club. This cinematic season dedicated to the work of Tim Burton started last week, but  it is back on the 20th with The Nightmare Before Christmas.

23rd Oct – October Plenty. An Autumn Harvest Festival held on the Southbank which encompasses Apple Day and is completely free.

27-28th Oct - Veuve Clicquot Widow Series Rooms: Curated by FKA Twigs, ‘Rooms’ explores the signs of the zodiac. Performance artists, musicians and ermm, other… artists have collaborated to explore the characteristics of each sign in twelve immersive rooms.

28th Oct – Lobotomy Room Presents Halloween at Fontaines: For those of you who enjoy the sterling work of Elvira (well who doesn’t) head over to Fontaines for Lobotomy Room’s Halloween film screening and raucous after party.

28th Oct – Night Owls Sleepover the the Museum of London: Admittedly this is aimed at kiddlywinks so beg, borrow or steal some (Editor’s note – don’t steal children).

28th Oct – A Curious Invitation Seven Deadly Sins Halloween Ball:  With 7 stages and over 100 acts this ambitious night is sure to be a goodie.

28th Oct – Halloween Late at the National Gallery: Celebrating the dark side of the National collection, the gallery will be open until 9pm with pumpkin carving, drinks and music.

28-29th – The Candlelight Club Halloween Spooktacular: The Candlelight Club is doing what it does best this Halloween by serving up bathtub ginfuls of Speakeasy hi-jinks with a spooky twist. Very worth heading along to.

28-30th Oct – MCM Comic Con: Not technically a Halloween themed event, but you won’t find a more wonderful collection of costumes than at the MCM, mainly because the October instalment hosts the European Cosplay Finals. I bloody love the place and try to go every year.

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The Weekly Index: 14th October 2016


I like this image. It feels rather representative of this week, lots of things moving and changing. New opportunities and projects in the autumn air and a new landing pad on the horizon. That being said, I have still found the time to flit about in internet-land and here are some interesting reads that I have spied on my travels.

♦ These locked room mysteries crop up every so often on the internet and I am unfailing drawn to them every damn time. This one even has an obligatory creepy doll!

♦ A six day walk through the Alps inspired by Simone de Beauvoir.

What happens when you actually call a London phonebox

♦ I am not entirely sure what an Autumn face mask is – is it made from crushed acorns and pumpkin spice? Anyway – here are some things to help your skin as it turns cold.

♦ Film Noir favourite, amnesia makes a cinematic come back.

♦ Don’t panic! You can track Marmite stocks with this live map.

♦ I sent my friend Charlotte a picture of my Starbucks cup yesterday with the caption, ‘guess what’s in here?’ Thinking she would sweetly respond with, ‘White Chocolate Mocca?’ which is our drink (some couples have songs, I have coffee variations with my nearest and dearest) instead the sarky cow replied, ‘Lipstick?’ Fair enough, my lipstick was smeared all over the sippy lid, but still…stone cold. If I had done this, I wouldn’t have had to put up with her cruel jibes.

♦ How will scrapping so called ‘soft-subjects’ affect British education?

♦ Ever wanted to see inside a quaint Parisian fencing club? No? Well nevermind.

♦ Urgh. The beauty of Carroll Borland as Dracula’s daughter.

♦ My PhD research (snarf, still sounds weird) is all about colour, so things like early illustrations for Goethe’s Theory of Colours interests me greatly. Apologies if it doesn’t you.

Where to drink coffees from around the world in London. Why? See aforementioned PhD research comment.

These images of old London at night are just luscious.

9 bits of the London Underground map that are a complete lie.

♦ And finally… makes you proud to be British. A man spends 11 hours making a cup of tea with a Wi-Fi kettle and Twitter is gripped every step of the way.






Autumn Treats


Here we are again, the jangle of my ankle chain is the only sound I can hear…wait, sorry I seem to have slipped into a worm hole that has taken me back to 1996. What I meant to say was, hello again. I wanted to do an Autumn wardrobe wish list but found myself becoming far too overwhelmed with choice while research shopping because everything available at the moment is some mixed up concoction of velvet Victorian embroidered folk lusciousness (i.e. The Dream). So instead I have complied a wee list of things that I would like to see, hear and wear over the coming weeks as we delve ever deeper into the rust-hued splendour of Autumn (blimey). I scoured the plateaus of my creative mind to very originally title this post – Autumn Treats. I know, *shuffles off to kick leaves*

Keep your eyes peeled for more October/Autumnal themed posts over the coming weeks as I have a whole host of things planned to celebrate the most wonderful time of year.

TV – Tutankhamun

I have said a million times that TV is better in the colder months. This isn’t just me making one of my trademark sweeping statement with little to no evidence to back it up. One of my nine lives ago I worked in television and there is an accepted truth that TV schedulers plan their standout shows around those times when they estimate more people will be at home to watch them – namely when it is cold and dark outside. Case in point – Tutankhamun starting on ITV on the 16th October. It could easily be terrible, however I have high hopes that this four-part biopic of Howard Carter’s early years in Egypt, penned by Guy Burt (The Bletchley Circle), will be a lovely dollop of Sunday night post-lunch fun. Max Irons (The White Queen) takes on the role of the hot-headed Carter, while British aristocrat Lord Carnarvon is played by Sam Neil (everything). I’m hoping for lots of nice linen suits, excellent eye-wear and a shed load of scarabs.

Listen – Playlist. I like to add to this Autumn playlist occasionally throughout the year and then crack it open when the leaves start to turn. I don’t know why but I enjoy listening to atmospheric film scores as the nights draw in, they make a magical time of year even more so. There is nothing better than stamping around in rusty leaves listening to the Battle score from Gladiator. It is quintessential October music to me.

Film – Inferno – I’ve seen all of the others so I would quite like to see this. I have listened and reviewed the audiobook (here). I didn’t think much of it to be honest and saw the plot ‘twist’ coming like a freight train down an incredibly straight track, however it is a mystery with some nice locations and it feels like a good way to spend an October evening.


Dress- I want this dress. Yes I have million like it. No I don’t need another and yes I will wear it exclusively with boots, woolly tights and a beret. So sue me!

Bag – I have never had a nice laptop bag. I hoof my laptop between work and home and the library and Starbucks daily in a completely anonymous black laptop rucksack that was given to me by the dyslexia support service at UCL a few years ago. It is perfectly fine and serviceable and it is only vanity that makes me seek something else. But this is really pretty, and I’m sure I would be more productive if I owed it. Right?

Book – Born to Run – Bruce Springsteen is my first, last and everything when it comes to musical cornerstones. I would be rubbish on Dessert Island Discs (still waiting for that call Kirsty) because I would probably just pick all Springsteen songs. I recently purchased my first vinyl record and it was of course, The River. So Springsteen’s new autobiography is without a doubt on my Autumn reading list. It will also make an excellent Christmas present for pretty much anyone with ears and a heart on the planet.

Audiobook – SPQR – This month I am finally going to crack on with Mary Beard’s SPQR. I am hoping that this overview of the Roman world will be all the ‘reading’ I need to do in order to become a doctor. Fool proof plan methinks! Even if you are not a wally like me and haven’t just set yourself up for six years of researching Roman Britain, I’m sure you will get a lot out of this too because Beard is phenomenal at what she does and who doesn’t like a history audiobook on a long Autumn walk? I know, I am Caligula reborn right?

Art – I am a big fan of Curious Pip. Her style both artistic and personal is to die for and her Halloween creations are always perfection. This set of 4 witchy cards would be lovely placed in frames and surrounded by pumpkins and candles.


I hope you enjoyed some of these treats for the coming weeks and let me know any of your current favourite Autumnal pastimes too!


Sig H